The Lasses and Kathryn Claire - "A pearl in the crown of folk music"

Kathryn met Margot Limburg and Sophie ter Shure (The Lasses) at a singing session in Amsterdam in 2013. Sharing a love for harmony singing and telling stories through music, they soon found out that together, they could deliver both heartfelt ballads and foot-stomping songs with equal measures of joy and musicality. After playing several concerts together in The Netherlands and Germany in 2014, Kathryn offered to help bring The Lasses to the Pacific Northwest for their first US tour.  It was a huge success and the three realized they had begun not only a strong musical collaboration, but also a network of touring between the US and Europe.  They have toured extensively in both Holland and the US and are finishing up a live album recorded in Utrecht in October which will be released in early 2017.  Their shared love of traditional and original music along with their varied backgrounds make for a thrilling live performance. 
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